The Story of Saint Valentine

During the third Century, Romans believed in multiple gods which conflicted greatly with the Christian belief in one God.  During this time it was against the law to help Christians.  A priest named Valentinus showed courage by listening to his conscience amidst King Claudius's law and helped everyone.  Some people he helped were Christians and so he was put in jail.  King Claudius, ordered that Valentinus be put to death.

While Valentinus was in jail he met the jailer's daughter. Legend has it that she was blind and Valentinus healed her. During this indictment period the two became great friends.  

On the night before Valentinus would be sent to death, he sent a goodbye letter to the jailer's daughter.  He signed it, "From Your Valentine."  Starting the tradition of today's Valentine's Day. On February 14th we send letters of love to our loved ones. 

Valentine's Day is a Great opportunity to share history with your children. Every Holiday has a significant story for it's inception. Feel free to get creative with this story to encourage love, acceptance, and tolerance for everyone.

Happy Valentines Day


photo credit: Captured Heart All You Need Is Love via photopin (license)