It is our priority that young children who leave their home for the first time, should experience deep love and care within a child care setting.

To teach and guide the next generation to believe in themselves and the power of their hopes and dreams. To support the development of respect, tolerance, love, and compassion for God and all of His children.
— Jin-a Child Care Mission


  • Character, emotional, and social skills development
  • Cognitive and physical development

  • Positive self-esteem and self-expression

  • A deep, abiding love for God, others, and the world

Jin-A is a religiously oriented school. We utilize a multi-religious approach called "Unificationism," a wonderful blend of basic principles from many religions. This philosophy provides the foundation for each child and each staff member to live, practice, grow, and pray, in his or her own faith, and in harmony with others. Our educational philosophy is based on True Family Values, knowing that a healthy family is the basic foundation of a harmonious society and God's kingdom on earth.

We provide children a loving environment where students from all faiths and cultures can live and learn the common values of faith, love, and hope in their daily lives.

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Our Programs Offer

  • Access to a variety of materials: books, art, crafts, puzzles, blocks, dress-up clothes, interactive activities, educational computer/technology programs, and much more in every classroom.

  • Teachers able to interact with children in personal small groups, as well as larger class settings.

  • Hands on activities to reinforce literacy, math and science.

  • Flexible curriculum to meet the developmental needs of young children.

  • Individual projects as well as in group activities, (arts and crafts, group learning, discussion, problem solving)

  • Time for free play to develop self-exploration, creative growth, and individual and social development.

  • Literacy-rich environment in every classroom, including story times, books, and books on tape that are readily available to all students.

  • Emphasis on multi-cultural and multi-religious activities. 

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Positive Approach to Discipline

At Jin-A Child Care Center we guide and educate the children according to God-centered principles of behavior. Children are encouraged to behave in a cooperative, harmonious manner, which is beneficial to everyone’s safety, happiness, and well being.  

We see discipline as a step-by-step, long-term process; helping children to reflect on and take responsibility for their actions. We guide them to empathize with and respect others through examples and by teaching communication skills and problem solving techniques. 

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Through an interfaith vision and the fundraising efforts of Mrs. Mamiko Rattley the property of 77 Jay Street, Clifton NJ was purchased in December of 1987 and donated to Jin-A Child Care Center, Inc., a registered 501 (c) (3) not-for-profit and tax-exempt corporation as described in Section 501 of the Internal Revenue Code.

The vision of the founder, Mrs. Mamiko Rattley, was to establish a high quality multi-religious pre-school/daycare for the wider Clifton community thereby adding to religious harmony at large. Starting out, we first targeted the Asian community and a Chinese character was chosen as a name - “Jin” which means “advance, move forward" and “A” meaning "the child". JCCC, Inc. was incorporated in December of 1987 and opened for the first day of school on January 19, 1988. Jin-A has served families in the multi-religious, multi-cultural community of Clifton, NJ for over twenty-eight years.  

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