The Creative Curriculum® provides our caregivers with resources to create a high-quality learning environment. 

With the latest research in best practices, the Creative Curriculum takes into account the needs of every type of learner. These learning materials are in line with our core principles and education standards, and provide our teachers with the ability to facilitate a dynamic learning environment. 

Art in the classroom

Our art is influenced by Reggio Emilia ideas of following the interests of the children and allowing them to explore and then express their individual learning in artistic ways. Children are encouraged to create 3-D structures working with different materials like wood, cardboard, tin foil and recycled items. Art related to the curriculum theme and cultural events are often expressed through painting, drawing, and collage materials. Children also work on at least one collaborative art project each month. Some of these projects have included sewing art, paper machée, quilts, and cardboard vehicles.  Children enjoy using the natural items they find on the playground like acorns, sticks, and leaves to create with.  



The focus of our Toddler Program is fulfilling the very young child’s need of being nurtured and cared for by loving adults.

The Creative Curriculum® for Infants, Toddlers & Twos  

  • Is based on 38 objectives for development and learning, which are fully aligned with NJ Birth to Three Early Learning Standards

  • Helps teachers create a high quality learning environment geared specifically for this age.

  • Offers assessment tools to individualize routines and experiences for each child.

  • Provides guidance for building meaningful partnerships with families.

Toddler Room Schedule

Toilet Training

Teamwork is the key to mastery during this very important phase in your child’s development. Parents and teachers together decide on a developmentally right time, after signs of readiness have been observed.

All teachers have been trained for SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) and required practices for its prevention. 


The Creative Curriculum® for Preschool

  • Is based on 38 objectives for development and learning, which are fully aligned with NJ Preschool Teaching and Learning Standards

  • Helps teachers meet the needs of every type of learner through individualized instruction including advanced learners and learners with special needs.

  • Incorporates learning in all areas of development including social-emotional, math, language/literacy, technology and art.

Learning Centers

Children are individually encouraged to investigate and explore different learning centers. Educational activities are also offered through circle time and small group instruction.

Social and Emotional Education

At this age, being in a group may be a new experience; learning to make relationships is a main focus. Children are also encouraged to express themselves in language rather than merely act out their feelings.


Jin-A Kindergarten is a registered non-public school program and meets the 180 days requirement of the State Department of Education.

Our Kindergarten is unique in that the schedule ensures they get plenty of free-play and gross motor exercise. Free-play is essential for social development. Children learn to work as a team, negotiate and problem solve as they play in the block center, drama center and other areas. Our large playground provides adequate space for children to develop gross motor skills. The teachers also break up the lessons with dancing or exercise.   

After completion of the program and fulfillment of curriculum requirement, students are ready to transfer to elementary school.

Our students' scores on the Terra Nova rate well above average.

Kindergarten Schedule

Full programs of academic subjects as well as creative areas are provided through several research based curricula. 

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Summer Program

We continue the learning throughout the summer. Our enrollment includes alumni children going into 2nd grade. We open the pool for children 3 years old and potty trained. The younger children enjoy water play every day, weather permitting. Every Friday is Fabulous Friday because the whole school comes out to the playground for crafts and games. It feels festive and the children get extra time outside. 

Additional Programs

In addition to the variety of activities that children are exposed to in the classroom, parents can choose to participate in any and all of these additional activities.

*Note: These classes require an additional fee


Art Class

This special program focuses on creative expression through different art projects children work on. Our program uses classic as well as unexpected new materials, allowing for endless possibilities for young minds. Children should be able to experiment and grow through the process of creating their artwork, and this is what we help them do.

Art education is incorporated into every lesson we teach in a way that is fun and easy for kids to understand.

Materials and smocks are provided.


Hip Hop Class

Trained Kids in Motion professionals have developed age-appropriate choreographed dance moves set to Kids Bop music. The multi-age classes encourage new friendships.  Learning dance moves helps build memory, coordination and following directions skills in a fun way.