We're so proud and humbled by what our families have had to say!

Dear Jin-A Child Care Center,

This is a heartfelt thank you for what has been an excellent year academically and socially for our daughter.  It’s been a joy to watch her flourish as she has. The nurturing school environment you’ve created has been exactly what we were looking for when we made the decision to enroll her in daycare.
At Jin-A your staff has gone above and beyond to care for our daughter everyday.  Her teachers have always communicated with us when something was wrong and also when right.  There was never a question we asked that was not answered with the utmost professionalism and child educational insight that we as first time parents greatly benefit from.
As a very involved parent Jin-A invited me to attend a literacy training this past June, where I learned how to encourage reading in toddlers and open their
imaginations to learn new things that build future leaders.  Most importantly I noticed, as the other teachers in the room shared their curriculum, is that Jin-A has a very remarkable one.  When I shared how our daughter’s teacher engages the children in learning and development they all took notes and expressed to me how amazed they were and they too were going apply some of the activities I shared with them in their classroom.  That blew my mind and made me feel extra confident in the level of learning and care that my daughter is receiving at Jin-A.
In conclusion, words cannot express how thrilled we are with all of the staff at Jin-A specifically in the TD room where our daughter is currently.  God willing we will continue to enroll our daughter in Jin-A for many more years to come, until she enters first grade.

Warm regards,
Laura and Jamal 

"My husband and I have been so thankful for the environment that Jin-A has created for our children. The educational, environmental, spiritual and multi-cultural enrichment we have received from Jin-A has truly been a blessing. I believe it has given my children a very strong academic and moral foundation that will go with them well into the future. You have all made such a positive difference in our lives. We thank you for that and for all the hard work you do each day to make our children's lives more fulfilled.
Again, thank you so much for all you do."
-Parent of two children that attended Jin-a for five years.

"Thank you so much for another wonderful summer!!! My daughter is filled with wonderful stories and beautiful memories - she would love to come back and "help" the teachers next year! Those are her words." - Parent

“Thank you Jin-A School for several amazing years for our two sons. Your program has taught them great academic skills balanced with equally great social skills and awareness of their environment and their impact on the world and those around them.”