Creating a Solid Foundation For Your Child's Success

Jin-A Child Care Center believes in serving the families in the community by offering the highest quality care and education for early childhood development.  Taking the path less traveled Jin-A Child Care Center went through an extensive and rigorous process to be accredited by National Association For the Education of Young Children (NAEYC).  We highly value NAEYC's mission and vision to work with families and caregivers to build a high-performing environment to promote a foundation of excellence in all young children.   

Jin-A Child Care Center is proud to share that for the past 12 years it has been the only private Child Care Center accredited by NAEYC in Clifton, NJ.  We respect and appreciate NAEYC's strict standards focusing on well trained teachers, as our dedicated staff puts in 20 additional hours a year for continued education in early childhood development.  NAEYC focuses on: excellent teaching materials, researched based curriculum, age appropriate content for the developing brain, and a safe and healthy environment for children. For example, child care centers accredited by NAEYC will instill washing hands as a part of their daily schedule and educate children to close the faucet using a paper towel to eliminate germs from spreading.  

The importance of early childhood development education from birth to 5 years of age forms an architecture in the brain, building a foundation for success.  Studies such as High Scope Perry Preschool  and The Carolina Abecedarian Projectfound that high quality preschools had an astronomical impact on individuals in their later years of life.  Results were consistent in numerous studies showing that the children who attend quality preschools were more motivated and more likely to graduate high school.  These children will also go on to earn a higher income, own homes, and have longer lasting marriages.  Lastly, these students were in better physical health and less likely to get into trouble with the law.

As a result, economists started to take notice.  Nobel prize winner, James J. Heckman spearheaded an intricate statistical analysis of data on how investing in quality early childhood education will greatly add value to the country by saving significant amount of money in the long run.   Heckman's analysis revealed that quality early childhood education cut crime in half, increased earnings, decreased reliance on social assistance and were found to be in good health, saving money in health care. 

"Investing in high quality early childhood education is the best investment our country can make." states National Education Association.  In this way Jin-A Child Care Center is committed to continue upholding a high standard quality early childhood education program focusing on nurturing relationships and positive learning experiences to develop the whole child, support families and service the community to a brighter future by raising remarkable citizens of the world.  



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