Look at What We Grew This Year! - Sage

Sage is very easy to grown once established, but does require some winter protection and a little TLC when they are tender young plants. If you want to try growing this delicious herb, pick one up from  your local nursery. Sage seeds are very difficult to germinate and each sage plant has its own flavor based on several environmental factors. Select a very sunny location in your garden as most sage varieties like to be in full sun with very well drained soil. However, if you have a lightly shaded spot, a really fun variety to try would be Pineapple Sage. It blooms beautiful red tubular flowers, from the fall to the first frost, that Bumble Bees, Butterflies and Humming Birds love. Protect sage over the winter by mulching the roots and pruning the stems back about 4-5" from the ground.